Hungarian Business Angel Network (HBAN) is an initiation that is the result of collaboration between Design Terminal NCCI and Hungarian Venture Capital Association (HVCA). Its aim is to welcome and unite all business angels who are interested in investment opportunities not only on a local, but a regional level as well.

HBAN offers an education oriented event portfolio, where practical advice is presented to the members who are the first to know about the most impressive investment-ready companies. The network’s mission is to integrate Hungary into the international circulation of business angels and truly represent both the companies and the investors’ interests.

HBAN keeps in contact with its members through events, newsletters and educational days.

HBAN members can benefit from a wide range from prescreened enterprises through standardized term sheets to the knowhow coming from experienced angels worldwide.

Design Terminal National Center for Creative Industries
Design Terminal is the National Center for Creative Industries in Budapest, Hungary. With the stimulation of digital economy, industrial design and urban planning, our mission is to support value-added local enterprises reaching the global marketplace.

Our competition-based, free incubation services include business consultation and mentoring, local and international trade show presence as well as early stage investment mediation.

In 2014, Design Terminal was awarded the European Enterprise Promotion Award by the European Commission.

Hungarian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association
The Hungarian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (HVCA) represents the interests of the private equity and venture capital industry in Hungary by supporting its members and promoting adherence to the highest possible professional and ethical standards.



HBAN is interested in providing members with premium insights into the local and regional market aligned with our members’ interests. One of the few ways to better understand these interests is to conduct membership surveys and carefully review the results for trends, such as:

1) investment interests;
2) need for expertise among membership;
3) membership skills which may be valuable to the group as well as portfolio companies.

Individual data will be treated confidentially and will not be shared internally or externally; only selected board members will be privy to individual responses. The survey results may be used in aggregate to present HBAN as an entity to venture capitalists, businesses, and the media for the purpose of securing high-quality deal flow, membership, and public relations. Apply


HBAN is interested in early stage companies who are looking for investment for their financial and strategic growth. By filling out the application form the company should express their uniqueness and potential for great return of investment. Strong business plan is a must for the angels to take a closer look at the company. The submission process is detailed below.

Submission process:
- All applications received through the online form will be considered for presentation by the Board. Companies must submit their application online through the website at www.hban.eu
- All applications are posted under a members-only section of the website and will remain posted for approximately 120 days.
- The screening committee will consider all timely filed and completed submissions and will inform selected companies by the 5th day of each month. Non-selected companies will be informed by the 10th day of each month and will receive standardized feedback from the screening committee.
- Selected companies must agree to coaching in preparation for their presentation. The coaching sessions will be scheduled at the time of the selection notification.
- Materials for member investment meetings: Selected companies must give a presentation or pitch of no more than 5 minutes in length, followed by a 5-7 minute question and answer section. Copies of the presentation must be provided to members at the investment meeting and an electronic copy provided to the group for posting under the members-only section of the website. Companies may offer additional materials at the member investment meeting.
- Neither investment solicitation nor any comments will be made at the member investment meeting, and presenting companies are expected to bring with them information on the timing and location for a follow-on meeting with interested group members.
- Any questions should be directed to info@hban.eu Apply


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